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Beaches and Berbers, medinas and mosques, souks and sand dunes... Morocco has variety and an exotic feel that has fascinated travellers since long before the modern traveller arrived. Morocco's mix of traditional and modern strikes the perfect balance between the intensely exotic and comfortingly familiar. Morocco has a  rich Jewish history and at its peak in the 1940’s their community numbered some 300,000. The King of Morocco has played and continues to play a major role in restoring Jewish sites-Synagogues and cemeteries, Mellahs (Jewish quarters) and the Jewish street names in these areas. On our tours we explore the Jewish and Muslim sites, the cities, towns and scenic landscapes. Places visited include Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakesh, Meknes, Fez, the Todra Gorge, the Sahara desert and much more!

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Dubbed the quintessential Africa, Tanzania is the number one safari destination with hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking to see the rich wildlife each year. Not surprising in a country where 25% of the land has been declared a nature reserve with the highest concentration of animals per square km. There are over 4,000,000 animals, divided into 430 species and subspecies. Our fine feathered friends are also well represented with over 1000 species of every color and size.


On our tours, we visit four reserves and also get to know the local tribesmen, their exotic cultures and ancient traditions and ceremonies.

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Peru is the third largest country in South America. It is home to the fascinating ancient Inca Kingdom with the site of Machu Picchu, having been voted as one of the new seven wonders of the world.


The capital city of Lima is a humming metropolis with an intriguing history. Gold and salt, churches and temples, coastal desert and the fertile Andes mountains, Peru is an intriguing combination of contrasts.


On our tours we also explore the city of Cusco, the Urubamba valley and the Ballestas Islands, known as the “Galapagos of Peru”.

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United Arab Emirates

Founded in 1971, this fifty years + young country grew in a short time from a place of Bedouin tribes and simple fishermen to the second wealthiest country in the Arab world.


It is the home to some of the biggest and grandiose sites and the most notable is the Burj Halifa, the tallest building in the world, located in Dubai. It has also become a hub of culture with many museums including the Louvre in Abu Dhabi and the new architectural marvel, the Museum of the Future in Dubai. Despite an abundance of riches and progress, the United Arab Emirates is still tied to its heritage and traditions. The country is comprised of seven Emirates (city-states), and we visit four of them on our tour.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi


Japan, known as the Land of the Rising Sun, is a captivating country located in East Asia. It is a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern advancements, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into its rich cultural heritage. Japan boasts a diverse landscape, including breathtaking mountains, lush green countryside, and vibrant cities. From the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, with its neon lights and towering skyscrapers, to serene and picturesque rural areas like Kyoto, Japan has something to offer for every traveler.

The country is renowned for its impeccable sense of cleanliness, efficiency, and politeness. From the moment you step foot in Japan, you will be greeted with a warm and welcoming attitude from the locals. Japan is famous for its unique culinary delights such as sushi, ramen, and tempura, and no visit to the country is complete without trying these mouthwatering dishes. Additionally, Japan is home to numerous historical landmarks and cultural attractions, including ancient temples, Shinto shrines, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Whether it's exploring the historic streets of Kyoto or discovering the futuristic technology of Tokyo, Japan is a destination that effortlessly blends tradition and innovation. 

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Egypt was the preeminent civilization in the ancient world. The temples and tombs from long ago are astonishingly well preserved. In the temples of Ramses II, there are inscriptions that connect directly with the Exodus of the Jews. From the middle ages through the mid-twentyth century there was a thriving Jewish community in Fostat/Cairo.


Our tour encompasses the major highlights of Egypt including the Sphynx and the pyramids and also the major Jewish highlights of Ben Ezra Geniza, the Rambam Synagogue, the Harat Al Yehud (Jewish Quarter of Cairo), and the Shaar Shamayim Synagogue where Rav Ovadiah Yosef served when he was the Chief Rabbi of Cairo.

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