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Your Guide to Exploring the World, in Kosher Style

About Cindy

About Cindy

Cindy Kline Tours
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A native of the USA who made Aliyah in 1986, Cindy Kline has been leading and guiding Kosher tours around the world since 2017.


Before embarking on her journey into the world of travel, Cindy acquired years of experience as a geriatric social worker and as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations.


Cindy brings her effervescent personality into her work, sharing comprehensive information about the countries, cities, and sites visited in an engaging manner. She is attentive to the details of the tour and empathetic to the needs of her travelers with the ultimate aim that the participants have a positive and enjoyable experience. 

About the Kosher Tours

Traveling around the world involves a tremendous amount of planning: choosing where to go, building an itinerary, finding accommodations and places to eat, and much, much, more.


For Kosher-keeping and Shabbat-observant Jews travel is even more complicated, especially if you don’t want to limit yourself to areas that only have Kosher meals readily available.


This is where we come in, serving you three Kosher meals each day, organizing minyanim, and giving you a full Shabbat experience often together with local Jewish community. All of this is in addition to providing a full, exciting, program covering the culture, history, landscapes, and Jewish heritage of the locations we tour.


Additionally, the group experience creates a special, fun, atmosphere and the opportunity to make new friends.

About Kosher Tours
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